What can HealthClx do for your practice?

When patients know their costs, you get paid faster. That’s how HealthClx helps. We act as a dentist directory, listing nearby practices and their prices so patients can find the best option for them. All you have to do is sign up.

Not only does HealthClx boost your dental SEO and overall dentist marketing, it gives you direct access to patients who already know they can pay.

Get patients who are ready to pay now.


Let dentist marketing be our job.

You didn’t study and scrap and build a practice to also become a dental SEO expert. At HealthClx, we want to make it easier for you to focus on what matters — treating patients and building relationships. And we know you can’t do that if your attention is split between providing care and persuading Google.

HealthClx will help you attract new patients to your dental practice and make sure they’re informed and able to pay.

92% of patients want to know their costs before visiting a provider and most are looking those costs up online. HealthClx puts you in front of them with no extra effort, simply plugging into your existing booking and billing systems and driving new patients directly to you. When patients know their costs ahead of time, 62% say they’re more likely to get care, and 75% say they’re more likely to pay.

Improve your on-time payments.

See if you qualify for better dental SEO

HealthClx is currently bringing our dental listing service to select markets around the United States. Fill out your information to find out when better dental marketing will be available in your area: