HealthClx Makes Dental Costs Transparent

Know your dental costs before you go with our comprehensive list of true costs by procedure and provider — with or without insurance. HealthClx helps you know what to expect, so you’re never blindsided by a dental bill again.

Do you want to be part of transforming healthcare? We’re starting with dental and here’s what you can do:

Share A Recent Dental Bill

When you know what care costs, you have the power to be prepared. Yet the healthcare system does everything it can to hide upfront costs. At HealthClx we’re building a database of user-submitted bills so everyone can know exactly what they’re getting into. If you want to help, simplyu pload a bill from the last six months to our HIPAA-compliant database. We don’t need your personal details, just:

  • Your dentist’s name and address
  • Your insurance company and type of plan, if you have one
  • Your out-of-pocket costs
Share dental costs

Become A HealthClx Change-Maker

We’ve all gotten a shocking healthcare bill before. Almost as bad as the price is the fact that it’s normal. We don’t believe that people should expect the unexpected when it comes to the cost of their medical care. If you agree, help us test and improve our pricing database so more people can know before they go.

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Tell Us Why Knowing Dental And Healthcare Costs Matters To You

While surprise healthcare costs might be universally dreaded, your experience is unique. Help us grow the narrative by sharing your stories about hidden healthcare pricing so we can work together to raise awareness.

What does transparency mean to you?